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Last updated: March 8, 2012
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Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
of Mercer County
Lead With Experience.

You've gained a lifetime of experience.  Now is the time to put your skills and talents to good use by volunteering through RSVP of Mercer County. We can connect you to 30+ Volunteer Stations in Mercer County.

RSVP is America's largest volunteer network for people age 55 and over.  Join RSVP and you join nearly 500,000 volunteers across the country who are tackling tough issues in their communities.

With RSVP, you choose how and where you want to serve.  You choose the amount of time you want to give.  And you choose whether you want to draw on your skills or develop new ones.

In short, you find the opportunity that's right for you.

A Range of Opportunities

RSVP offers a full range of volunteer opportunities with thousands of local and national organizations.  For example, you may:
* Mobilize other volunteers
* Mentor or tutor children
* Share legal or financial expertise
* Assist victims of natural disasters
* Clean up the environment
* Lead fundraising efforts
* And much, much, more!
RSVP = Results

Whatever you choose to do, you'll be making a real difference.  Stronger families.  Cleaner water.  Safer communities.  With RSVP, you'll see tangible outcomes and learn first hand how your contributions can change your community.
Giving Back Helps You Too

When you volunteer, you're not just helping others -- you're helping yourself.  Volunteering leads to new discoveries and new friends.  Plus, studies show that volunteering helps you live longer and promotes a positive outlook on life. For more information on the health benefits from volunteering, please click here.

In addition, with RSVP you'll receive pre-service orientation, training from the organization where you serve, and supplemental insurance while on duty.

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